Mary Chase

I was too lazy to write an about me page so I decided to have my friends and family write it for me. It was a brilliant idea. About Mary by her husband. About Mary by her teenage daughters. About Mary by her good friend and sometimes co-author Amy.

But then I realized that I was too lazy for that project. First I’d have to ask everyone to write the blurbs, get them on board with the promise of hot cocoa and peanut M & M’s. Then I’d have to project manage them writing about me, which is awkward on a number of levels. Especially when they tell me they don’t know enough about me to write two to five funny, charming, and relevant sentences. I’m looking at you daughters. Then when I finally got their about me sections back, I’d have this overwhelming urge to rewrite them. Because I’m a writer and I rewrite everything. That’s just too much work to get out of something I should be doing myself.

So it seems we’ve come full circle and the only things you know about me are that I'm a little wordy and that if I was one of the seven deadly sins, I would be sloth. Let me make it up to you with an easily skimable list:

  1. I’m a scorpio with scorpio rising, which, whether you know anything about astrology or not, is a whole lot of scorpio.
  2. I majored in theater in college, but have a paralyzing fear of auditioning.
  3. I write YA romance because it’s my absolute favorite kind of book, and I desperately wish I go back and do my first kiss over with someone who was more interested in kissing me. Have it be like Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky in the hot tub (see number 1 on my list of favorite YA romances). So I love writing first kisses because I get to imagine they were mine instead of a dare at the end of the night on my front porch that went nowhere.
  4. I grew up on an Army base in Japan, but don’t speak the language. I also took two years of French in high school and have forgotten how to say anything but bon jour. I don’t think languages are where I shine.
  5. I have seen every episode of Law & Order. Many multiple times. Criminal Intent is my favorite because I love Vincent D’Onofrio’s Robert Goren (and felt vaguely unsatisfied when the series didn't end with a wedding, because even when I'm watching grisly murders, I'm still looking for the romance angle).
  6. I like folding things like paper cranes and paper flowers and book pages into words. Not so much chairs.
  7. I don’t have a lot of practical skills. I write songs, I rant, I make collages, I can sing all the songs from Oklahoma and Gypsy (see #2 above and sidebar).
  8. I’m a freelance graphic designer and writer when I’m not doing unpractical things. I get to work with some amazing organizations that feed the hungry, teach people to read, provide shelter for LGBTQ+ homeless teens, and train women to find jobs in the construction industry.
  9. I live in the Chicago area where it’s snowed on two of the last six Halloweens and a block and a half from a Walgreen’s where we can walk to buy discount candy the day after to make up for the lack of Reese’s cups in our Halloween haul.
  10. I believe in true love even though I had to wait for it.
© 2019 Mary Chase
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